Farmhouse Established Sign

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Finally made a sign for our home that I’ve wanted to make for well over a year – this farmhouse established sign! Haha!  I am generally working on orders every day or mommin’ it that there isn’t much time left to make signs for our own house. Seems a little backwards right?! If you have a handmade business or Etsy shop, you totally get what I’m saying! #storyofaworkathomemom

Recently, I’ve been channeling my inner Joanna Gaines and slowly working on redecorating and remodeling our house. We went through a bit of a “dark phase” a few years ago, you could say and painted our living room, kitchen & bedroom a dark chocolate brown. After pondering for months on what color to repaint everything, I settled on SW Repose Grey and went to town painting. Wow, what a transformation! It immediately lightened things up and felt more like a home.



Once everything was dry and put back on the walls, there was one spot that was missing something. Right away, I knew JUST what needed to go there and convinced my hubby to put together this framed sign. I am so so so in love with it!



Our Farmhouse Established signs are perfect for wedding, anniversary or closing/housewarming gifts, etc!

They’ve been added to our Etsy shop! These signs are approx
12 x 18 for $40, plus shipping!

Buy yours here:

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